How Can I Recovery my all tabs of my last session?

As always I open my Brave browser and I lost my all tabs ( +400) of my last session (the tabs they were from before a few months ago). I didn’t do anything in settings, history, anywhere. How I recovery my very important tabs ? In history i only have 50 tabs, propably from today.
If is needeed any information no problem - I give it.

Thank you in advance for yours help !


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Go to SettingsBrave shields & privacy, make sure you don’t have the following options enabled: Clear data on exit, Close tabs on exit.

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this options disabled.
edit: i see cookies and saved files of sites.
I can’t find the button/option restore last session …
enter any command in browser?


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On the rare occasion that I restore my Brave browser but find that I have lost all the tabs I had open, I go to Menu > History > Near the top of the list there is one or two options titled “X tabs”, where X is the number of tabs that I had open. I select it, I think there is an “open all” option (it doesn’t appear right now) and my tabs are opened again. I then close the other browser window with only my default start tabs.

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WOW! 400 tabs is an incredibly high number of tabs (I rarely have more than five or six open at a time and never more than a dozen)) and expecting any browser to retain so many tabs between sessions is unreasonable. Instead of trying to retain so many tabs, have you considered bookmarking the site on each tab? That way, you would have less onscreen clutter and you would always have access to all the websites you go to. Also, you can backup and restore bookmarks.

Brave can easily handle hundreds of bookmarks. I have so many, I categorize them in folders.

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I get the same problem every once in a while, and I see it happen in my office at least once a month, as the support person, someone always has left 10/50/200/etc tabs open rather than bookmark. It works fine until another person uses your browser or a website opens a popup dialogue page in a separate window, which may remain in the background until you exit the browser using the X at the window corner. History will only keep the tabs that were clicked on, so rarely will it recall all open tabs, and if you have clear history on exit enabled you will be SOOL.

Ideally, the browser would either :

  • block any and all multiple windows from being opened, (may cause issue if you want multiple windows e.g. Tiled Windows)
  • combine all tabs + windows upon closing
  • make the windows X icon operate as Exit rather than the current close window, (may conflict with the OS UX requirements).
  • add a function to ‘restore or bookmark tabs from last session’
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