Brave tabs keep reopening Android

Brave keeps reopening my browser tabs, even when I specifically close them in my last session.

I close all my tabs and close Brave. When I reopen Brave, all my tabs are open again and I need to close them again. It takes a lot of time to always do that. Is there a setting in Android to change that?

Brave Version: Brave 1.50.114, Chromium 112.0.5615.49

Mobile Device details: Pixel 7

@irenemartin If you actually hit the x on the tabs to close them, then they should stay closed. The only time they should be reappearing is if you just simply dismiss the Brave app from within Android. At that point it will save your session and just exit Brave.

Just to be clear, can you advise of how you’re exiting everything? Also how many tabs are you saying are opening?

Lastly, which version of Android is on your Pixel 7?

Yes, I X out each tab specifically before I close Brave. The amount of tabs that open depends on how many were open when I closed the last session. Often it’s three or four tabs. I have Android 13.

@irenemartin just an FYI, I was doing some research and found that this is a Chromium and Android issue. You can find people talking about it in places like where some are saying I ~think~ it started after the update to mobile Chrome 112 last week but don't know for certain.

Could you do a favor and try to install Brave Nightly or Brave Beta on your Android and see if it replicates? I’m curious if it’s something that resolves itself in either update. Also, I guess if you can test it with Chrome to see if it does indeed replicate there for you as well. If it does happen on Chrome, will help confirm that it’s possibly just a bug on current version.

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