Reduce or Remove the 25 BATs Verification Requirement

Hi there.

This post is to ask for the reduction of the amount of BATs to link the Uphold Account in mobile versions.

Seen that the BAT has raised its value, and now the ads are giving less BATs, the amount of 25 is like… too much. I know that a raise of value means the ads you put get expensive and not profitable as for you as for the people that make their campaigns, so Please, PLEASE, we ask for this, or directly remove that requirement.

Also you could put a warning since each guardian account can have a max of 4 Browsers connected, and once that slot is filled, even if you unlink it, you can’t link another device once you reached the 4.

Guess they are working on a removal of 25 minimum. So hopefully soon.


Why not also ask to put our own owned crypto addresses instead of a 3rd party with no liability?

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I also agree with this request. Id also like to see Brave support add the ability to purchase BAT within the Brave Browser App for Android similar to the buying option that’s currently available on the Brave Browser Desktop version. If that was a option, I would have just bought the 25 BAT so i could link my wallet to my Brave App on my Samsung s10. Another thing, add the ability to tip on Twitter within the Brave browser app for android as you can within the Desktop verison… Basically, If you have the option to do something on the desktop browser, you should be able to do the exact same thing on the browser app for android. The app has some work to be done for improvement.


They’re working to add more options, also don’t know where are you from and what wallet it let you use, but in my region it use uphold, and it’s very good and secure.

Whot?! didn’t knew that was possible, did you linked your account when you started the first time brave in your desktop? I mean, that wallet you have there is proportional, and you can’t manage those BATs until you link and verify your Uphold (Or other guardian wallet you have), once you link your uphold account you can trade BATs as you wish in uphold. The only way that I think you have that option in the desktop is that you have uphold already linked, can you send a screenshot to see if it’s connected (Just the part that says like “Verify wallet” or “Wallet Verified”)

Yeah, the thing is that the Reward part would dissapear, and there probably would be not business, I think the idea is making you use the Browser. and as I said, you can trade those BATs once you linked your account, not before…

Wait… I just had a revelation, you know the Brave Rewards page have a part that says like “QR Code” that should be that wallet. I have to check in my android, but I think that if the mobile version have it, and you send your BATs of the PC to the phone… you could reach the 25 faster… My god I’m a genious XD. I would like to test that.

Welp, things are not that easy pal, programming is a messy stuff everybody have to be careful, specially with money stuff. But if you really want that, I suggest you to make a new request, that way people can Vote specifically for that, If you do it and DM the link I’ll gladly vote it to support you as you supported mine.

I don’t even have support for uphold in my area. If I click the verify button the android brave app it crashes brave. Thats just as fun.

If I hit 25 it should give me the transfer option just in case uphold is not a valid option.

The detail with that is Brave just allow using something called like “Guardian wallet”, that are the services like uphold where you can withdraw the money, I don’t remember what the others were, but I now it depends of you location.

Well, I can’t find the article right now, maybe @Mattches can help us a little more here.

Just dropping in to say that the 25 minimum is there to help stop the massive volume of fraud attempts against us. That said, we are already working on changing this minimum value and the rules surrounding it to be more flexible for users such as your self. More on this soon, appreciate. your patience.

I went ahead and voted for this topic/feature request myself as well.


You do realize you can buy bat on uphold and many other sites? Lol

I do, but I put the case I couldn’t XD

Other site’s and VPN’s my friend.

when brave browser 1.25 stable for less authorization’s bat? i’m waiting fo it :smiley: thanks guys

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