Had to do a factory reset on Android phone and lost BAT

Last weekend, I had to reset my phone, due to it being stuck in a reboot loop. I didn’t yet have 25 BAT on the phone, to link to the uphold wallet. Is there any way to recover the lost BAT on the phone?

@Mattches @steeven

Unfortunately no, there is not. However, we are implementing a change here, such that users with an existing Uphold account can verify their Android devices without needing to reach the 25 BAT minimum. I’m hoping to see see this pushed into the browser by the update to v1.25x if not sooner.

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That’s good news, as long as each new verification does not occupy a lifetime slot :bangbang:

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I definitely don’t think the Brave Rewards program is quite ready for Primetime. I probably just need to disable it on all of my devices. I like the idea of being able to accumulate BAT and use it to tip people, but right now it’s simply not worth the hassle.

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