Manually edit top sites [Brave Android]

Hello, Thank you for the great software. I think many would like to see the following features in Brave Android browser.

  1. The ability to manually edit top sites. (Add to top sites and delete, edit name and URL, the number of top sites)

  2. Moving top sites to the middle of the page can aid smooth operation.

  3. Automatically open Home after closing the last tab. (Every time I close the last tab, I have to manually open a new tab)

Thank you!

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I have the same idea. I also hope to edit top sites just like on desktop version.

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However, it seems there are no many people want this, just see the lack of votes.:joy::joy:

There is an open feature request on Github. Voicing your opinion over there might help in getting the feature released sooner, given developers see a high demand.


@Brave Developers

It is beyond me trying to comprehend the directions Brave it’s trying to take on UI. It’s either complete carelessness towards your own users, purposely manipulating your own environment towards protecting other features, or something else, too subtle for me to see.

To implement adding and editing bookmarks/favorites on home page, would probably take your team a weekend and yet, you OBSTINATELY refuse to even acknowledge the request - posted here and through many other venues. In my view this is a feature any decent browser should have as BASIC functionality.

I also believe the low number of votes doesn’t mean lack of interest towards a certain feature, but rather a reflection of how responsive Brave team has been towards implementing suggestions and how fed up and indiferent your users became in response to your stubbornness and inflexibility. The message Brave has been sending out since the beginning, was: “my way, or highway”. Don’t be surprised if you’ll get more of a “highway” as a result of this kind of attitude!

@Cosi You really should spend time going back to older things and perhaps even Github to see all the changes that have been made. There are a lot of things that have taken priority and ways that the browser has been made better.

They actually are working on adding this functionality. They rolled it out on iOS, which they often use as a testing ground. I will try to reach out to ask when they’ll be looking to add it to Android.

Again, try to browse through things. It’s good to actually read stuff.

Guess I’ll say it once more, go look around through things over the past few years. Brave has implemented a lot of things people have asked for. A lot of people come in ignorant or only see lack of action on a topic or two, then jump to conclusions. If you spend a lot of time on it, you’ll be shocked on what has been done.

For example, how about this response to a request:

How about this request which was just fulfilled and being improved on?

Also listened to and changed:

Then there’s even:


While I see your point and I completely agree that security and privacy should take priority over aesthetics (especially these days), over the past 3-4 years I have consistently been using three mobile browsers: Mull, Bromite and Brave. Among the three mentioned, Brave has been the most stable, but also the most frustrating, exactly because of its awkward UI and limited usability. I would very much like to make Brave my favorite and default browser, but I just can’t. It lacks a lot in terms of flexibility, customization and usability and, to go back to my initial comment, I would give the devs a lot of slack IF these aspects didn’t appear to have been completely abandoned - but I’m not the only one feeling this way.

they aren’t. Have you ever toured through to see the thousands of things Brave is working on in their Github? They have it open for all to be able to see what’s going on.

You can check out Projects at

Then just kind of go through there. And I did just spend some time going through. Just to show your attention to it:

It’s been set to P2, which means A bad problem. We might uplift this to the next planned release.

And also FYI, I just brought this up to Anthony Keane, who kind of handles all things Mobile. We’ll see if he provides any more feedback.

So yes, it’s seen and not being ignored. I know things don’t always come as quick as we want, but it doesn’t mean they are blowing people off or ignoring feedback. It just means there were things that were made a priority.