Re-link Uphold wallet on mobile without the 25 BAT restriction

Hi there,

I have previously been verified after reaching 25 BAT on my phone however due to a bug that my BAT was never transferred to my Uphold wallet, I have to reinstall Brave. Now I am back to square one and I believe this shouldn’t be the case. Is there any way to re-verify my wallet without needing to start over? It took me months just to reach 25 BAT so it doesn’t make sense since I was already verified before. Can someone please help me re-link my Uphold wallet? Thanks. @steeven


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As you reinstalled the application, there isn’t another way to verify Uphold than waiting for 25BAT. Correct me if i’m wrong @Mattches @eljuno :roll_eyes::thinking:

That’s y I am asking them to fix this. There has to be a way they can let u connect your existing Uphold wallet that was linked before. I don’t see y not.


I have this issue too. I have Brave on my two Windows machines and my Smasung S7. All devices are in the sync chain and my Uphold wallet is verified on the Windows machines. On Android it tells me I need to verify my wallet, so the wallet verification isn’t syncing via the sync chain.

I have NOT had to reinstall on Android though, it has literally never been verified correctly.

I also do not have 25 BAT on my mobile browser, though I have several hundred in my Uphold wallet and another 50ish on my desktop browser wallet. Wondering if there has been any progress on this or if anyone has come up with a workaround?


I completely agree. I’m sure that there is a good reason for having a mandaory minimum, but keeping track of BAT is frustrating without a storage location for reference. My BAT has been wiped out before, so storing even small amounts is necessary - especially for those of us running several builds.

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I was having the same issue as you. Even when I had more than 25 BAT it still wasn’t verified and I never got my BAT and support had to manually transfer them to me everytime in which the process was a pain.

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Plus this restriction does not apply to desktop only mobile which is baffling to me. Perhaps because they have more mobile users? Who knows.

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So they have a way to manually transfer it? Interesting. I have a mobile Uphold wallet app too, I was hoping I could sync the mobile browser to the mobile app, but alas, not possible.

I guess I just have to wait a year until I save up 25 BAT so they can transfer it.

Hopefully they come up with a solution soon.

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