A minimum balance of 25 BAT is required to confirm

Good afternoon everyone.

I cannot identify the error. When I click the check wallet button, this message appears. I cannot receive the rewards.

Thank you.

Expected. That’s required before you able to connect your Uphold account.

I want to send to my bat address, but I didn’t see anywhere my bat address. I am using android brave.

For some reason you need 25 BAT on Brave Android to verify & sync Brave with Uphold. There is no way to transfer BAT from Brave.

Problem with Uphold is that Network Fee to send BAT to external wallet is 9.77962 BAT.
So with the number of BAT being earned these days on Brave (maybe 1.5 - 2.5 / month), BAT is only really worth donating to websites!


I think I have the same problem: I have funds in my Uphold account that I want to transfer to my Android Brave wallet. I can’t figure out how to do that. Any pointers?

(I’ve managed to do this just fine with the desktop Brave browser.)

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It seems that the Android Brave browser does NOT actually have a wallet. BAT functionality in the Brave setup is apparently EXTREMELY limited… For all practical purposes limited to donating to websites who have registered with Brave.
No, you can’t manually transfer TO the Android Browser, or OUT of the Android browser…


Anyone from the dev world know whether adding these features to the mobile browser is planned?

Hi I did not receive any BAT rewards so far on my Android device even after i confirmed my wallet with 25BAT, my account is proghouse AT gmail.com

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I can not verify wallet in android why it tells me that I need 25BAT as a minimum, even though I have 1750BAT. How can I solve this problem?. I attach a screenshot of the message and the browser version

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Plot twist, you have only 1.750, not 1750, in my country we use comma as a decimal separator, so yours I guess.
@eljuno, can you close this thread? Thanks.