Reduce the 25 bat limit to 15

Since ad price has been reduced by 50%, to accumulate 25 bats before linking uphold wallet will take time. This is a request to brave team, please reduce this limit to 15 bats now, in my case it will take more than 2 months for me to accumulate 25 bats, cuz i’m receiving 15-20 ads on daily basis. @steeven

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I’m sorry but this problem does not have a general solution.But I hope they will look into this matter.

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2 months is a long wait, during this your android device might go through some disaster, like usual crash, software bug, and you might end up wiping your phone’s data and loss your pending rewards, what do you want me to do then , start all over again with a false hope??? Sorry i can’t. I think i’ve turn off my ads, this seems the only solution!!!

Bro, I can understand your frustration.
If the Brave team maybe reduce the minimum threshold for Uphold enrollment to like 10 BAT and provide a note near the verify wallet button that this verification is not mandatory, since many of the users had verified their wallets before due to the misunderstanding that Uphold verification was mandatory for general app use, could have been avoided and only the genuine cases would have joined and would have continued to do so.
Also the reward per ad has dropped by 50% and maybe soon there wont be much incentive in keeping the brave ads ON.

just turn off ads. it will reduce your frustration and brave will run faster.

Don’t just say/bait about doing it. JUST DO IT.

without brave ads there is not much incentive in using Brave bro. So we cant just turn off ads and be done with it. Maybe if we make enough noise they would address the issue :sweat_smile:

Not sure if you’re trolling but the whole point of using brave is to have an ad-free experience. If you like ads so much, you should go use IE 11 instead. I can’t believe people are so crazy about ads when there is finally a browser that blocks ads totally.

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