Connect uphold to Android Brave browser

Can’t we connect an uphold account to transfer BAT before reach 25 BAT ? We can do that in a desktop version of Brave, why not on smartphone ?

Because if we format our smartphone, or uninstall/reinstall Brave, we loose everything.

Why you don’t make a global wallet, accross all the Brave version ?

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Hi @kresys, I know it isn’t much help now, but there are plans to get rid of the 25 min requirement on Android.

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Ok, thanks for the link :slight_smile:
I’m guessing we just have to wait now… By the way this is weird, because I don’t have the “Verify wallet” on my mobile :confused:

And I hope finally they unify all the brave rewards to have only one wallets. This could be nice to not loose BAT if we reset our phone our even our desktop

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Hi @kresys, I’m far below the minimum BAT required, so my Verify Wallet button is greyed out…

…you don’t see the same on yours?

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Ah, I didn’t click on the right area. Now I have it, and it’s grey yes. Thanks mate :slight_smile: