Transfer BATs to new device

Hi Folks,

I have 24 BATs in my Brave browser, just 1 BAT short of being able to link to uphold. Can I transfer them to a new device or possibly be able to link to uphold even though I am a bit short? Or a 1 BAT grant would be appreciated to allow me to link uphold


@khaled1 what type of device?

Its an android device

@khaled1 I believe the requirement on android was reduced to 15 Bat, but not sure if it was implemented already.

@Adrian_02 @SaltyBanana @GreenBananaPorridge or @Mattches can confirm on this.

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Hi there @khaled1 and @JohnDproof, I do believe that it is coming to release soon. Keep posted.


I can see this minimum of 15bat requirement in my device (Android)

and Iā€™m from India :india:

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Is there any temporary solution? I have a buyer for my old device whom Iā€™m just holding off until I withdraw my BAT earnings

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