Brave says I need 15 BAT to do anything but I have 20 BAT

I have 20 BAT but anytime I click verify or withdraw I am told I need 15 BAT to do so even though I already have more than 15 BAT.

You could just have created an Uphold account without getting any bats. I don’t know why Brave says that you need 20. It seems like a scam.

@TheBangoSkank can you share a s screenshot of your rewards panel? Thank you.


It used to be that you had to have 25 BAT (for a desktop) in order to link to an Uphold account. Now there’s no minimum for desktops, but there is still a 15 BAT minimum for mobile (Android) devices.

Same here i need 15 BAT minimum for a desktops…

Try going directly to the Uphold Web site and create your account there. After it’s verified, then go back to the Brave Rewards page to link them.

thanks it works but i lost all my rewards since january. how can i get back them please?

Please start a new thread since this question has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Be sure to provide the basic troubleshooting information that is requested in the template that will appear when you start a new thread.

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I also have the same problem, I have 17.5 bats but when I try to check my wallet it says I need at least 15 bats…


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