I cannot use any other wallet other than the Brave Wallet anymore, please help!

Hey guys, until yesterday I have always been able to use my Metamask wallet for crypto and nft’s, but suddenly whenever I try to connect my Metamask, the Brave Wallet just jumps in and it does NOT let me choose anything else! This is. a huge problem for me because I need daily access to my wallet and I do not want to be forced to use the Brave one, does anybody have a solution to this? Theres no customer support nothing, I feel like I’m going crazy.

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Maybe disable brave wallet if you have no assets in there. Do this by going to brave://flags → Disable flag called ‘Brave wallet’

Same thing happens to me, its the most annoying thing ever

@Gcarb @Ryu_Elric Please do not go to the link shared by @Xavier23 , it is a scam.

Is this for Brave Desktop, or a mobile instance? Please share a bit more information to help us better address the feedback. Are you desiring to use both Brave Wallet and MetaMask in parallel, or only the latter?

@sampson just FYI, I think it’s related to others who have recently shared. They are saying even when choose Extensions as preference, it’s not picking up on Metamask. Let me link to some below:

All above may not be exactly the same, but seem similar enough.

Thank you, @Saoiray. I’ll take a look at those reports immediately.

It sounds like there are a couple issues here:

  1. Users may not have Brave configured to prefer Extension-based wallets over the Brave Wallet, and
  2. Users may not be refreshing the webpage they’re visiting between switching from Brave Wallet to Extension wallets.

I see some users sharing their issue was resolved simply by changing the Wallet configuration from preferring Brave Wallet to preferring Extension-based wallets. And I see other users reporting refreshing the page they’re visiting after having made a change also resolve their issue.

I suspect any users who are impacted by this, are possibly not refreshing the page they’re visiting between making browser configuration changes. I’ll double-check the reports, but if anybody has configured Brave to prefer Extensions, refreshed login pages before attempting to connect MetaMask, and have still been presented with the Brave Wallet popup, I’d love to chat further!

In my case isnfor brave desktop and i want to use only metamask.

I have tried everything and still i cant use metamask. Its ridiculuss and frustrating. I dont want to use braves wallet.

@Gcarb can you check his post at Brave wallet gets loaded as default wallet every single site - #2 by sampson and see if you have done all of that?

Just went through this process on my PC and Mac, and confirmed that it appears to be working as expected in the latest stable builds of Brave. If you are still experiencing an issue where MetaMask cannot be used, please let me know. I’d love to jump on a quick call and screenshare to take a direct look.

Steps in the GIF below (which shows a slightly older build of Brave):

  1. Select Brave Wallet from brave://settings/wallet/ as Default Ethereum Provider
  2. Switch to metamask.github.io/test-dapp tab and click Refresh
  3. Click Connect on page to trigger Brave Wallet popup


  1. Select Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions) (now simply Extensions in recent builds) from brave://settings/wallet/ as Default Ethereum Provider
  2. Switch to metamask.github.io/test-dapp tab and click Refresh
  3. Click Connect on page to trigger MetaMask popup

Also this solution doesnt work, it still poping up the useless brave wallet every single time.

Please don’t cross-post; let’s address the issue you’re facing within a single thread. You mentioned at Brave wallet gets loaded as default wallet every single site - #3 by Gcarb that nothing happened when you clicked Connect. Is nothing happening, or are you being presented with Brave Wallet when you click Connect (having ‘Extensions’ set as your default Ethereum provider in settings, and having already refreshed the Test Dapp page)?

Now the brave wallet is popping up, but even following your instructions i cant make metamask work

No solution then? Its been almost a week since this annoying bug started

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@sampson are even trying to fix this? Its been almost 2 weeks now with this bug

@Gcarb Yes, they are trying to fix it. You need to calm down. He’s been working on it for about 2 days. You can claim how long the bug has been going on all you want, you didn’t post about it until 4 days ago.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of things that can be causing problems. And one solution for one person isn’t always a solution to another. So just chill out a bit. Also important that it’s not just this issue that he’s working on. They also are looking into something much more important, where passwords, bookmarks, etc are being lost by Users.

Also, @Gcarb, you notice how you’re exaggerating?

So in just one day, it went from “almost a week” to “been almost 2 weeks?”

What I will do though is also tag @jleonard and @hub on this because Sampson is juggling a few different things. The two of them explicitly work on Wallet if I remember correctly. So I’ll just see if either of them might be able to help in the interim, unless they just want @sampson handling this 100%. I mean, don’t want to go tagging too many people on an issue but I also know they are a small team and there’s only so much each person can do.

Dont worry im out of brave, i swiched back to chrome. I cant be a single more day without being able to use metamask.