Brave Wallet overrules Metamask - All connections broken

Hi guys,

Since this morning the brave wallet is overruling my Metamask. I can’t use Metamask properly anymore. It keeps me sending to this ‘new brave wallet’ (the first time I see it). I imported my Metamask, thought maybe it would help… but doesn’t.

Metamask is not showing an up-to-date balance, tokens are missing from the list and unable to connect to staking/farming websites. In Etherscan I can see all is still there, but its not working anymore in Brave browser.

Makes me kind of crazy to be honest, lots of money involved, and can’t trade now. I don’t want anything to do with the Brave Wallet and just want to use my Metamask. Yesterday all was fine and suddenly I get this overruling from Brave Wallet.

What can I do? Turned already all options off from Brave Wallet, but Metamask still not working properly.

*** UPDATE*** installed Metamask in a new browser and it’s working there properly, so it’s a BRAVE issue

Help, thanks,

You can change the default provider via brave://settings/wallet

More information about the option ↓

Why isn’t my MetaMask or other extension not working with Dapps?

Thank you, unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Changed settings to ‘extensions’ and ‘none’… restarted all and not working.

Metamask is also not loading my balances etc in Brave. In chrome it does.

It started this morning when I tried to connect Metamask to applications and it got overwritten by Brave Wallet. That was not happening yesterday, so there must have been an update? Seems quite intrusive to try to mess with crypto wallets this way.

I hope there are other ways to try to fix this? Don’t like to use Chrome at all.


Could you show a screenshot of what you mean by MetaMask is not showing your balances? Do you mean in the MetaMask icon? Seems like some kind of MetaMask problem. I bet it would go away if you uninstalled and re-installed it if it works on a different browser. Make sure you have a backup of your seed phrase and any manually imported keys though.