Cannot connect MetaMask to any site even thought I'm logged into the Extension

I’ve been unable to connect my Metamask to any sites. Buttons have no response.

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I’m having this same exact problem and would appreciate any answers. It’s been ongoing for the last couple months

I also have the same problem. How is able to help??

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Hey guys I just got a solution from the staff at metamask

"Brave browser comes pre-installed with their own wallet called Crypto Wallets. Sometimes this wallet conflicts with MetaMask.

To solve this, go to Brave’s settings, then scroll down to Extensions, and set the Ethereum Provider to MetaMask, and disable the “Load Crypto Wallets on Startup” option.

You will need to completely close your browser and re-open it for the process to take effect and for MetaMask to begin working properly again."

Works perfect for me now. Lmk if it works for you guys!

Thanks! I had set Etherium Provider to Metamask and double checked, but had “load Crypto Wallets on Startup” enabled. When I disabled it, problem solved.

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