Brave wallet is messing up with all other crypto wallets

I used to be able to use Metamask wallet and many different crypto wallets, but now everything crypto related get redirected to Brave wallet instead of Metamask
Now Metamask and many different crypto wallet can’t connect to any site and function properly because of Brave wallet.

I tried to disable Brave wallet but all website crypto related stuff still get strictly redirected to Brave wallet.

I don’t want to be forced to use Brave wallet and I don’t want to have anything to do with Brave wallet. How can I resolve this situation ?

Not sure if this will help, but go to Settings, Wallet, and change your default wallet to “None” or “Crypto Wallets”. Then restart the Brave browser. I assume your Brave browser is updated to the most recent version.

As @Onyx13 mentioned, you can go to brave://settings/wallet and set your default wallet to “Brave Wallet (Prefer Extensions)”. That should already be the default but perhaps you accidentally changed it. After that open a new tab and that tab should use MetaMask for Dapps. If you still have a problem please report it here but also try to repeat these steps with “None” as the selected default wallet. Then new tab and it should use MetaMask.

Just an extra thing to try.
Changing the settings to Brave Wallet (Prefer Extensions) or None didn’t work for me.
Only when I disabled the Crypto Wallet Extension and changed the wallet settings to None, did I get access to MetaMask again.

Good idea. If you had the wallet extension for Crypto Wallets loaded, you are correct you’d need to restart the browser so it is not loaded again.

I wrote an FAQ for this here and included the info you just gave:

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