How to backup the brave browser and restoring the same


Planed to move to SSD. Having a confusion about backup & restoring.
Can someone please help me to backup the brave browser and restoring the same.

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Hi all - please help someone

I don’t know if these will help answer your question, but they might:

New PC - How to Copy Brave Custodian
How I keep my BATs after formating my computer?

My understanding (and I am probably wrong!), is if you have a verified wallet, you can transfer your BAT to that wallet and they will be saved. You would just need to reinstall Brave, create a wallet, and then link with the verified wallet that is holding your BAT. However, this will use up another lifetime slot.

If you are already at the max lifetime slots (4), then you need to submit an unlinking request (the link is in the first post but here it is again): Mattches Browser Support Attention

Hopefully, someone with more experience will respond and help. Good luck!

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Can you please elaborate on the issue? This is for an Android device? What exactly are you trying to backup?

We and brothers are using brave 5 profiles. and we are planning to switch to new laptop. so we need that profiles backup and need to restore the same on new laptop.

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