How can I protect my BAT?

Hello, firstly I am from turkey and I am sorry for my english. I will use translation in some places, I hope you can understand.
I’ve been using brave for a few months. I won 22 pcs bat token but I can’t send it to my uphold wallet because i am a turkish user. I need to change my pc soon but I don’t want to lose my bat tokens. What can i do about this issue. I will be glad if you help me. Have a nice day <3

As far as I know.
Since you’re on PC, you can Copy the whole Brave folder.
Update to the latest version of Brave (1.44 or later) in brave://help, and then go to brave://version and find the path to your brave-browser folder. Back up that entire brave-browser folder. And then restore it / substitute it in on your new installation at the same place.

If you go to Backup, then you will be able to backup the BATs. He has explained how to do this.

you can store it in your brave browser until you can verify custodial wallet to brave browser

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