Want to reset my laptop

I want to reset my laptop, since Uphold is not allowing to connect Brave with the wallet, I will lose my bats. Is there any way I can get my bats back?
Thanks for your help.

No you won’t. Just make sure to copy your \brave-browser folder onto a flash drive. Then do the reset, install Brave, immediately replace the \brave-browser folder with the one you did a backup with, then open it and you should have all your BAT.

In terms of passwords and all, some of it will copy over, but passwords won’t. SO you’ll need to export that into a file (more permanent solution) or make sure you have a sync chain going (sync code only valid for one day) and immediately add the device to it once you open in order for your saved passwords to still be accessible.

Copying and moving over \brave-browser folder is only way to save your BAT. Replace before opening the browser to make sure it doesn’t create a new ID for itself.

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