How can I save my Brave install (open tabs, history, BAT, bookmarks) when reformatting my PC?

I need to reformat my PC but I don’t want to loose anything in Brave. I don’t have my wallet backed up or anything, do I need to do that? I also want to save things like my current session (open tabs), history, and bookmarks. Is this possible?

Hey SkyTBest an option you can do is Syncing your brave Data across devices, this could be a great option by installing the mobile app and syncing it with your Desktop and then Resyncing it back to the formatted PC. To do this press the 3 lines on the top right to access the more menu and proceeding with “Sync”. Feel free to message me back if you are having issues or need some assistance with the process!

There is no other way to backup your BAT tokens than linking an Uphold Account/ Gemini account. So if you want to backup your BATs link one of them accounts and wait for the Coins to show up in your wallet.

Secondly, for syncing your bookmarks, history, passwords, etc, start a sync chain from settings and keep your code safe and enter that code in Brave after you reset it.

I formatted my PC with Windows 10 64 and didn’t think about syncing before doing the formatting. I did this due to the constant crashes and freezing of my machine after I installed Brave. :champagne: the good news is that it fixes that problem and the bad news is that I don’t know how I can get my old bats back :thinking:

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