Back up my BATS from old to a new Laptop

Greetings dear community,

i live in europe, or rather in germany. And as of now I can’t use Gemini or Uphold here. however I would like to backup my BAT as I need to change my laptop. What can I do?
does anyone have any ideas?

As far as I know there is no way to transfer BATs to your new laptop. Unless you do a complete clone of the hdd/ssd. However, more than likely you will be wanting to start fresh with a new laptop without all the millions of files.

Is there a statement from Brave, or a timeline when this will change?

@Mangotango They give a fairly detailed explanation if you check out

Then there was a response today in regards to the info where I had asked for more information. You can see that at

Short version of that is:

If you aren’t verified, then make sure to

  1. Update Brave to be the newest
  2. Close the browser
  3. Move all of your /brave-browser folder onto a backup (Then don’t use the old/prior browser anymore)
  4. Install Brave on the new device, but don’t open Brave yet
  5. Replace /brave-browser folder on the new install with the prior that you saved
  6. Wait an hour…not sure why, but it’s what they said
  7. Open the Brave browser on your new device and all your old BAT, extensions, etc should be there.

I may not have that 100% right , but it should be pretty darn close. Perhaps it’s better you read the Reddit for detailed instructions, but yeah…

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Thank you for your help and effort. Very nice of you. But that’s too critical and risky for me. I would wish the brave could solve that quickly (For Europeans).
Does Brave have a statement?

That Reddit is from Brave. It was made by the Product Manager. As they shared, they are working on a different Backup & Restore, but the best they have now is to do the entire folder and all as explained.

If you haven’t verified your wallet, that’s the only way you can do it and not lose your BAT. If you have verified your wallet, then simply logging into it in the new browser would at least keep all BAT you’ve earned in payouts each month.

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I understand already. I know my way around, and by the way I’m also a reddit user. Still, I would love it if brave would find a quick & easy way to include people who don’t have an Uphold or Gemini account.
why should I wait for example 1 hour? Where’s the point in that?

I would like to make an account. But I can’t do it because I live in Germany and this country is not supported.

They are working on things. For example,

I have not learned enough about that but I believe it exists for a person to use and access without needing to verify with Uphold or Gemini. Sadly they don’t always have very informative guides for everyone.

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