Easy way to back up data?


I apologize if I didn’t put this in the right section, but I was curious about something. I am wanting to do a complete restore on my computer due to a bug I am having outside of Brave. If I want to backup everything in my Brave Browser (including BATs, bookmarks, browsing history, browsing cookies, etc) can I just drag the app onto my external SSD?

Thanks for your help!

Daniel :slight_smile:

Linking your device to a new Brave Sync chain is your best bet. I dont know how it behaves with BAT, but the rest should be able to be transfered

The BAT is my main issue, unfortunately. I have quite a bit in my wallet.

BAT can only be backed up via uphold. Since you are talking about a pc, you can directly connect a pc to uphold, even if it doesn’t have the required 25 BAT. BAT rewards are NOT synced in sync chain. All the other data like bookmarks, passwords, etc are synced to chain. You dont need to worry about them.

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