New PC - How to Copy Brave Custodian

I am getting a new PC and I wanted to move my Brave Rewards and Custodian Account to the new PC. I am doing this to avoid a situation where I use up a lifetime slot.

What files do I need to copy from my Windows PC?

Unless you’ve already used 4 of those slots, I would recommend simply using a slot and re-verifying your wallet on your new PC. We are currently working on changing the wallet linking limits to avoid these “lifetime” limits users keep running into.


I have used my slots, so I need to transfer the config files but I do not know how to do this, or even if it will work. Your advice will be gratefully received.

It will not work. For now, submit a wallet unlinking request here:

Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

I requested the unlinking of my wallet and I still have not had a response

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