Is there a way to backup Brave?

I have a second old PC which has only 2GB ram (Running Win7) and using brave on it for 2 months but now I want to switch to Linux as of Win7 consuming more ram and end of support!

As of there is no option to Backup wallet (Uphold sucks) is there any other way to backup whole browser with wallet and restore it on Linux?

I read this :-

but will it Backup wallet (Estimates and wallet bats) as well?

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anyone? @justsomeone1 @ShineWhine @eljuno @Mattches @ambrocioisaias2808

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the profile copy is not always has the same result
theoretically it should work but it does not all the time even while using the same os

and the internal wallet only restore the unclaimed bats

i know that did not help so sorry for that

Concerning the BAT, your best option would be to verify w/Uphold in order to ensure that all your BAT is retained.

I said

because I have 3 profiles on my old PC and uphold is already connected to my android + laptop (2 Profiles) and Brave Creators account so I have no space left for new wallets to connect.

At this point I wish to had a backup option but can I do this? :-

Another reason why I hate uphold is suppose somehow I did created another uphold account and connected to my profiles now I want to change the OS in this case I will not be able to connect new wallets in my new OS.

This is why Uphold sucks.

One thing that I’m going to try but need your permission or answer @Mattches.

I have Brave Publisher account so If I tip all my bats to my publisher account will I get SUSPEND? I have total bats around 44.345 including all profiles (15.67 + 15.455 + 13.22).

This is the only option left for me.

P.S. : My unanswered thread :-

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