Unable to reconnect my Gemini account from outside of the US

According to this thread I should be able to reconnect my Gemini account again. (I do not live in the United States)

However, when I try to reconnect it, it still gives me the error saying that my region is not currently supported?

@Mr_Moustachio Are you using it on a device and browser that had been linked to Gemini before?

Yes I am. It disconnected itself a number of months back and I just haven’t tried reconnecting it to my Gemini account until now.

@Mr_Moustachio, can you send me your brave://rewards-internals general info page, and your event logs page? Please send via DM. I have a hypothesis, but just need to confirm with those details.


@chriscat Just checking that you got my DM?

@chriscat Hello there, may i also send you DM? I have the same problem with Gemini. I’m unable to connect because of not being supported (country: Poland). I also tried reconnecting with Uphold but it seems my profile has been flagged. Let me know so i can send you my rewards-internals with event logs page.

You’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket and someone will be able to help you with that.

Yeah i know but it happened before so it may happen again. I figured out that maybe i’m just gonna use Gemini as i used to because it is possible now. Seems like it isn’t and not only for me so… well, it will be a support ticket then.

I also have the same issue. Have had gemini verified for a while from the UK and now it says unsupported. I fall under the logged out state and need to reconnect. How do I get this resolved?

@reallycantdrive You’re in the Logged out state right now (as in, you see the text “Logged out”), but when you try to log back in, it gives you a “region not supported” error? If so, that shouldn’t be happening. It should let you log back in.

Can you copy-paste your brave://rewards-internals (general info page) to me via PM? Thanks.