Brave Rewards locked in Canada with Gemini

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I’m pretty sure that it have been ask a lot ! I take a look but didn’t find the good answer. So sorry if the question have already been ask by somebody in the same country.

I have 2 Brave browser, both connected on my Gemini account.
Everything work fine since a long time, but since 1 month maybe, one of my browser stop working. I’m not able to connect it anymore to Gemini, and so rewards still stuck in Brave.

I get this error:
Error: Region currently not supported

Your Gemini account can’t be connected to your Brave Rewards profile at this time. Your Gemini account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Rewards.

Nothing change. Still in Canada since years now, no VPN connection.
And only one of my Browser get this issue, the other one work well.

Any idea why ? If the issue were on the Gemini side, both browser should stop working I think.

Thanks a lot for your help !

View the supported regions here

Get more info here. You’ll have to scroll through the info, you’ll find about Gemini

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Hi @fmorcamp welcome to Community :slight_smile:

As @SmartyAadi has already added, at this time new Gemini connections are only available in the US at this time.
Please see our latest post -

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@fmorcamp Let me ask, have you ever had the device(s) connect to Gemini in the past? Also, have you changed your country at all or has it always been verified through KYC/AML to show you in and from Canada? (In other words, was your passport from Canada?)

Hi all ! Thanks for your feedback !

@SaltyBanana Can understand, but it doesn’t explain why one of my device can still connect to Gemini and work well, as the second is lock. Both are here in Montreal. And without VPN connection.

@Saoiray Yes for sure ! Both were connect to Gemini since more then a year now. And no, I don’t move both laptops in different country. Thats why it weird, that one working and the other one not. Hum… I think yes I do my KYC on Gemini, and my country is France, not Canada. But both laptops are connected with the same Gemini account.

If I can have an explanation, could be nice to understand why I can have this issue, but I also can understand that Gemini is locking Brave from others country than USA for now, so I can move the native Brave wallet instead. I will avoid this kind of issue with this option.

Thanks all !

Because they aren’t forcefully disconnecting Users. In fact, they explained that this change is only affecting new Users/devices. Check out PSA: More info on Unsupported Region

Guessing isn’t newly connected is why. So one retained and the other had the automatic logout that happens within the browser every 90-120 days or so. If you check out the link I provided, you’ll learn a little more. To quote the key aspect though, I’ll share the answer below:

  • If you’re already connected to Gemini (even if you do not have a US Gemini account), these changes will not affect you. As of this second, if you are logged out of your Gemini account, it may say that you can’t log back in because your region is not supported. But this error will be resolved in the coming week, and then you will be able to log back in. More importantly, even if it says “Logged out”, you’re still considered connected to Gemini (or Uphold) to us, and should still be receiving ad payouts to your Gemini account!

I’ll be hoping for better updates on this perhaps tonight. But we’ll see what the Community Call focus is on and what they can share. Sounds of it is they’ll have it where existing Users, regardless of the country, will be able to still log in and have it connect. It just won’t be able to authenticate anyone who manually disconnected or new users/devices.

Just a FYI, that can cause problems as well. Your information is supposed to match. If you have your Profile showing an address in Canada but your passport is from France, it’s a mismatch of information and can prevent the connection. This is especially the case IF the passport is associated with a country that isn’t supported. There are changes coming though, which are discussed in the link I shared, where they’ll be more particular and Users have to choose which country they are in. I’m not sure of how that works though, if it will make it easier for people or harder.

I had Brave verified on both my mobile and desktop using Gemini. Now since the most recent update I can no longer signin with Gemini to be verified with my Desktop Brave but still am with my mobile. I am a resident of Canada with a Canadian based Gemini account so I know that I am not able to verify a new browser, but since it is not new and was verified until September I don’t get why I am given the dreaded “Error: Region currently not supported” response when I attempt to login. I have consistently been able to claim rewards and have them in Gemini until the end of September.

Any suggestions on getting this back would be appreciated. I did note that the error is supposed to be corrected in the coming week 2 weeks ago, is that fix delayed?

Hi I have a connected Gemini account that is based in the United States but got an email stating, “it looks like you’re in an unsupported region for your selected custodian. As a result, your channels won’t appear as verified for the time being.”

What do I do?

Here is a screenshot of my redacted verified Gemini account details for reference:

Did you do KYC using your official documents from the US?
If not then this can cause problems

Yes I did everything official. I am a US citizen and am California based. Wouldn’t I have heard something from Gemini if there was anything wrong with my account KYC? I’ve had Gemini for several months. Please advise

No. Your KYC would still be considered complete even if you had used documents from other nation. I asked this because you won’t be connect to Brave rewards if you used docs out of the US since the API ist ein would see your Docs nationality is not US and therefore restrict your Gemini account from linking

Idk why, but many people from Supported region are getting unsupported region error. One from Brave had acknowledged that’s a bug and it’s been fixed somewhere Ig. So could you try again? Also check for Brave updates

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Ok thanks for the info. I am just letting the forum know I am getting this problem too. I used valid US KYC docs. I am a US Citizen with a valid US Drivers license and never had a problem with any KYC so the problem might be with Brave. Henceforth I did try to connect and disconnect my Gemini account to see if that helped re-confirm things but in the Brave publisher dashboard it doesn’t tell you what your status is in this regards.

It just says that my Gemini account is “connected” - Hope they will fix this soon. As a US Citizen I would like to continue using this exciting project.

I’ll tag @SaltyBanana @steeven. They might be able to assist better.

Hi @divestyle @jlegue @fmorcamp

Thanks for taking the time to share the above. Our team is aware of the issue and this should be resolved now.
Do let me or @Evan123 know if you are still experiencing this issue.


Hi @SaltyBanana , I just updated Brave to the latest version and attempted to sign in through the verified link using Gemini again and still get our least favourite error:

Here is my version info:

Note that in order to connect to Gemini again (if you are outside the US), you have to be using the same Rewards profile. That is, if this is a new or different Rewards profile/device that has never been connected to your Gemini account, then you won’t be able to connect to Gemini unless your Gemini account is registered in the US.

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@chriscat. understood. This is the same profile that I have been using since I first connected things. It should be using the same details as I have not uninstalled/reinstalled the browser or changed devices. All that I have done is update to the latest version of Brave as it comes out.

Can you copy-paste everything you see in brave://rewards-internals (general info) and also “Event Logs” in a PM for me?

@chriscat, the info you asked for has been Messaged over.

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