Brave, hitting over 50% cpu usage

Description of the issue:
Woke up, and started working this morning, 40 minutes in brave started lagging behind work. I checked and it was pegged at 71%. Shut everything down, clicked everything off. rebooted the cpu twice, and have the same issue.
How can this issue be reproduced?
Happens every time I use brave. This is the first time I have had an issue with brave.

Expected result:
Hopefully find out what is going on.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave is up to date

Version 1.12.114 Chromium: 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

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So after several hours of trying to figure out what was causing this. I narrowed it down to Grammarly Extension. With it on, Brave opens up 30 tabs, pegs at 70-80 %. Removing the extension helps, but every once in a while, it will sit and hover at 30-40% CPU usage. So, I am back to chrome for a while. Grammarly is vital to my daily work. I am hoping this can be sorted out. Like I said, it was working fine initially this morning from about 9 am EST till about noonish.



Same issue here. We spent min. 2 hours (probably more) trying to figure it out.

Besides grammarly, we had issues with Crash Plan & also ManageWP & for some reason their Stripe account (an iframe).

It’s hard to narrow things down.

Do you use any of those things?

I already wrote to grammarly & I hope you did too, but it has to be Brave too right?

I thought my memory issues started around a month ago & I thought it was just me & now I can’t go more than 2 hours without having HUGE CPU issues. It’s not even memory as I realized only today. :frowning_face:

I did send the response to Grammarly when I removed the extension. Thankfully, it works on Chrome. So i can function, if not in a clunky manor. I was really starting to like brave.

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Had the same issue, disabled Grammarly extension and my laptop’s quiet now! It was about to take off last night with CPU at 80% usage!
Any idea how long a fix would take? Do I have to download Chrome? Grammarly is an important part of my daily activities…

If we can some tests on Brave Beta (or Nightly) with Grammarly extension, does it perform okay or exhibit the same issues? @PerspectiveIX @DSGROUSE @OurFreeSociety

Also, which GPU do you have?

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giving the beta version a go now.

Brave beta and Grammarly are hanging at 40% right now, to soon pegs at about 80. Turn Grammarly off, and it dropps over the next 25 seconds down to about 2% max

Okay, I installed nightly. Grammarly is installed, looking on facebook. it seems to be working, no major spike in cpu useage.

Checked again, when I had more time. It still spikes high with grammarly. It seems when I open pages with which grammarly interacts it causes issues. IE facebook, word, when I have both word and brave open.

@DSGROUSE @PerspectiveIX @OurFreeSociety

Disable Grammarly extension for the moment, Grammarly are aware of the issue and are in the process of uploading a bug fix to the play store.

Sorry, I have no idea what Brave Beta is & I’d rather not test a beta version.

I don’t understand this question.

On another note, I’ve been talking with that I’ve been using for years with no issues until a few months ago when it occasionally stopped showing me plugins in their dashboard that needed to be updated.

Only by accident I’d see them in the WP site under plugins, but not on the MWP dashboard & I have many sites, so there’s no way I’m going to log into almost 20 sites to check every day & it didn’t affect all sites, but most of them.

And last week I went to update plugins & I had to do it 2-3 times before it would actually take.

I’ve had the first issue min. 3-4 times for around 4-5 months now & I’ve been complaining to them & they keep telling me no one else has an issue.

Then the other day on top of it not showing me plugins I had that huge issue with the CPU & we initially thought it was MWP plus MWP’s stripe script was causing weird issues so I wrote to them & they told me yesterday that no on else is having problems & they are sure it’s Brave b/c one of their co-workers also uses Brave & they have been complaining about Brave for the last several days.

I’ve obviously been having the plugin issue for a lot longer than a few days though.

Of course they want me to test it on Chrome/Fx, but I don’t want to b/c that would mean I’d have to be on there for at least 6 months just to make sure it’s working b/c the issue is intermittent.

I hope you get that part fixed too.


I’m still having huge issues with Brave & no, Grammarly isn’t turned on.

I only had 2 profiles launched, my CPU was very low & memory about 70% which for me is very good & Brave told me I had to wait on this one site b/c it wouldn’t load.

It eventually crashed it & then it was fine afterward, but still.

I have the same issue, I have ZERO extensions installed on Brave. Completely default.

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Which issue exactly?

The high CPU or a site (or several) not loading & then crashing?

High cpu with an idle temp of 56+

Just an update that 2 days ago I was once again at 100% CPU with Grammarly off & the only thing that stopped the issue was shutting down one profile & then restarting it.

All seems fine now, but when will there be an update to correct these issues & any news about Grammarly?


grammerly updated the extension so update the extension, not the browser itself perse…

Doesn’t it update automatically?

If not, do I have to re-add it from scratch?

But we were still having issues with Brave even with it off.


extensions don’t automatically update unless you turn on developer mode… Even then I’m not sure of automatically updating, but you do get a spiffy update button for your extensions…

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Extensions will automatically update regardless of “Developer options”. But when the update occurs will depend other circumstances. If failing that, uninstalling and reinstalling the extension may also help here

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