After 2 days of continuous use of the brave browser, I finally decided to go back to crome. brave takes a lot of CPU and disk usees that my pc to go crases more than 5 in an hour .yeah it takes a little bit lower ram compared to crome but CPU uses to next level .last 2 days I really love that ad and tracker blocker features but … I hope you guys do something about this over CPU use I want to come back again.

I did some testing in twitch recently (and multiple tabs), found little differences from a clean browser profile. See thread: GPU Process has HIGH CPU Usage



This is a from a new browser profile, no extensions for both. Depending on the sites and if you install any extensions cpu usage will go up. From 1 to 1 between Clean Brave and Clean Chrome, there was little difference.

Came to this forum to find about the issue and found this thread. I second this. The new “Brave Today” at the bottom of the new tab page uses a lot of CPU. Thee only work around is to turn it off completely.

Edit: Apparently a new version was released 2 days ago. It supposed to fix the high CPU usage problem. Update your Brave if you haven’t already.


Turning off “Brave Today” worked for me I think

I have 10 tabs open - all just text and images, no videos or anything. Prior to this fix I was maxing out my CPU with Brave at ~78% now Brave is at 4%


Thank you for letting us know that the fix worked for you.

Issue popped up again. Now I’m trying to disable things on the new tab page to see if that helps. So far so good but I also thought disabling “Brave Today” worked as well… so we’ll see

This issue is definitely not New Tab related. Tried turning everything off and even going blank but still experiencing random CPU and GPU spikes that I have to kill the process to resolve

Same issue here. Massive CPU spikes seemingly at random (not out of nowhere, but when loading different websites). Hopefully a fix is coming, I switched from chrome precisely to reduce strain on CPU!

I switched as well and I get less CPU usage on an old laptop (Windows 10).
I know it doesn’t solve your problem, but I just wanted to chime in.

I don’t know what your system is (CPU/SSD-Hard disk/Screen Resolution/Internet Access Method) but I’m running an i5-9400F with a Samsung 960 Pro NVMe M.2, WiFi AC via Verizon Hotspot and a 4K monitor and I’m not seeing any more then short peaks of 30% CPU at 3.96GHz. I tried Brave Today without any CPU increase and running several Video windows without an issue. Intel is releasing their 11th generation soon (~March), while I was going to upgrade my i5-9400F to an i9-9900KF I want PCIe 4 for M.2 Samsung 970 Pro and the only way to get that is with a new motherboard/CPU.