HIGH CPU & Memory Performance

High CPU and Memory Usage (10 tabs)
** Version: V1.12.114**

I have no idea why, but this has only just started happening before it would work flawlessly. Anyone else having issues with this version?

As much as 85% CPU and it is all coming from the Brave Browser (checked in both task managers)



Same, but mine was 95% of CPU usage for opening 5 tabs. Blue Screens and so many pc crashes

Same here.
Since I got this version Brave process has gone crazyyy!


It freezes some times and needs to force quit the process.

I just switched to the nightly build and no issue at all, wanted to see if it was any different - something in that version has caused a big issue

same here started last night.

Same here. Brave has turned very unstable - high CPU use, tabs crashing etc. :-1:

Because of Brave, my computer started getting Blue Screens constantly. I only have a few tabs opened and it consumes most of the CPU

I have the same issue, recently Brave starts consuming lots of CPU on any video related pages, e.g. YT, CNN. The issue is very severe for me since my mac freeze sometimes when I play videos through Brave. I tried to turn off hardware acceleration but it does not help.

Seems this is a consistent and growing problem. How do we get someone from support to look at this thread?

having same problems since few days when browsing suddenly my laptop fans go crazy and when i check task manager i see 65% or more CPU usage that time.

  1. Description of the Issue
    Same problem, high CPU usage on my computer (MAC) will often freeze up my computer and I need to hard reset.

  2. Steps to Reproduce

  3. Launch Brave

  4. Will freeze after 20 mins of use. I haven’t noticed any specific website.

  5. Actual Result
    Mac freezes up!

  6. Expected result
    Surfing as usual

  7. Reproduces Consistently?
    It’s been happening a lot over the last week! It happens after 15-30 min of browsing usually.

  8. Brave Version
    Version 1.12.114 Chromium: 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  9. Additional Information
    Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 08.45.49

There’s definitely some website that will cause the freeze because currently brave is using less then 2% CPU, but will go to over 100% during browsing.

Common website used during crash are : Reddit, Discord, Tradingview, Gmail, google

Usually when high CPU spikes happen out of nowhere, it tends to be an extension.

I think this one might be Grammarly. Do you use Gramarly. Can you please try uninstalling the extension and contacting their support.

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I am having the same issue were the CPU Spikes and if I have to many windows open I can’t use my computer!

We’re looking into this now and have contacted Grammarly support. Folks here - are you using the Grammarly extension? If so, you should be able to disable it via brave://extensions/ as a temporary work-around

I could be missing something, but there seems to only be one major change in the latest Chromium bump we handled (84.0.4147.125 => 84.0.4147.135):

Specifically https://swiftshader-review.googlesource.com/c/SwiftShader/+/47668

Trying to reproduce now. It’s possible this happens in Chrome too- but would be great to rule out anything we’re doing in Brave

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Yeah after reading a bit more saw folks talking about grammarly. Deleted it right away, seems like the browser is stable now. Cpu used by brave max out to 30% now, no crash yet!

Will report back if it does crash!

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Having significant CPU usage that began on August 24, 2020. I’ve attached a screenshot of the program’s task manager. I have experimented by systematically disabling all browser extensions, disabling Hardware Acceleration creating a new profile, uninstalling and reinstalling - to no avail. Any help would be appreciated!

Can you please try disabling/uninstalling the Grammarly extensions which still seems to be running in the image you shared?

I was utilising Grammaly as well, and I have now suspended and removed to see if it performs better, so far so good and no issue. Will keep you updated with my findings.

Please, let us know what Grammerly come back with.

I was utilising Grammaly as well, and I have now suspended and removed to see if it performs better, so far so good and no issue. Will keep you updated with my findings.

Even when disabled it can still cause the issue, must it be removed entirely?

I’ve just asked on the Grammarly site. They say that Brave and some other browsers aren’t supported atm.
Brave can you do anything about this?
Asking for a bad speller.

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