An update to our Brave Rewards UI and a brief explainer on Ads BAT flow

Hi Everyone!

We’ve heard your feedback and we’re updating the UI to make a few things easier to understand. Here is a followup to Notice : An update on Brave Rewards UI

As a user of the Brave Browser, there are two main ways you can add BAT into the browser wallet.

One way is to add your own funds directly and the other way is to earn BAT via opting into privacy-preserving Brave Ads.

If you consented to viewing privacy-preserving ads, you should notice the amount you will earn displayed in the Ads table. We have made a couple of adjustments which we’d like to explain in this post.

We have updated the text to clear up some misconceptions:

  • “Current earnings this month" is now Estimated pending rewards.

  • “Payment date” is now Next payment date.

  • “Ad notifications received” is now Ad notifications received this month.

In the screenshot provided, the Next payment date is listed specifically as ‘July 5th’. What that means is that on July 5th, the earnings process should complete in this example.

If the user in this example did not see any more ads, they should expect to eventually receive 19.35 BAT in their browser wallet, depending on when receipts were received. (More on receipts below)

That’s the simple explanation and the typical case for most users. If you would like to learn more about a few specific examples, keep reading.

Receipts and intentional obfuscation : Privacy Design

From the outside, a casual observer may wonder what are receipts and why do we process them on a different day than the payout?

Receipts are privacy protecting markers (the technical term is ‘blinded tokens’) that indicate a user has been shown an ad. Brave uses these to know how much BAT to send to a particular wallet address.

They are processed at random intervals, but roughly every 7 days. This is by design to help preserve your privacy.

Because of this, there is often a gap of a couple days between the end of the month, the payout date, and when receipts were processed.

Which leads to a special case, and the primary motivation for this post.

Special Case: End-of-month activation

Imagine a user who found Brave and opted into Rewards and Ads toward the end of the month, say June 25th for example.

Every day until June 30th (6 days), they see 4 ads at 0.25BAT per ad(for example, values may vary). The receipts are managed in a bulk action on July 2nd.

  • 6 * 4 * 0.25 = 6 BAT for 24 ads

Also from July 1st to July 4th the user sees 4 ads at 0.25BAT per ad every day.

  • 4 * 4 * 0.25 = 4 BAT for 16 ads.

On July 5th they open the browser and look at the Brave Rewards Ads settings table.

In the old system, a user would expect to see 40 ads with a “Current earnings this month” of 10 BAT. However, what they would see is 0 BAT because the prior 6 BAT were managed on July 2nd and the payout on July 5th would be 6 BAT. The 4 BAT is there, but the system resets the counter in the UI to 0 at the start of every cycle.

Needless to say, this caused some confusion.

Let’s look at this same scenario with our new system.

On July 5th a user opens the browser and looks at the Brave Rewards Ads settings table.

A user would expect to see 40 ads with a “Estimated pending rewards” of 10 BAT. They should also see a message to claim their funds (in this example, 6 BAT).

When the claim is completed, “Estimated pending rewards” will go down to 4 BAT and 6 BAT will now be in the browser wallet.

Now users can more clearly account for what has been earned and what has been transferred into the wallet.


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I have clicked as your post suggests but have not received anything for June yet I watched hours and hours of ads. Also not seeing and ad notifications this month so not sure why ? Please help

I have a problem that is that the day it says there does not appear to me to claim the rewards of the ads

eye is not that it is not passed uphold is that it does not appear to claim

Can’t verify Gemini wallet but it’s connected to brave creator account but on brave ad wallet on Android it wants me To do Gemini. U said you have to request transfers is that so with Gemini cause I read it did it automatically. And will ad wallet work if I’m connected to creator or do I have to wait to verify ad wallet ? I’m so confused it’s been 3 months trying to get my bat to. Gemini had 2.5 bat disappear don’t know if it went to brave wallet it said it was arriving certain date. Need help understanding this Gemini set up #brave-rewards #brave-rewards:brave-ads-support

Wow! We have come a full circle in 2 years from-

in 2019 to-

in 2021. But the confusion over Reward counters in the UI continues. Now that I think of it, may be “Estimated Pending Rewards” was better. :grin:

Only if Brave can find a full-proof way to decrease “Estimated Pending Rewards” as and when rewards are processed to verified wallets, may be through a message/encoded-key in the transaction to custodian that browser can idnetify and detect that payment (borwser keeps track of funds at Uphold anyway). It should easier to do for unverified wallet where a claim button appears.

in Aprli 2022. The confusion over Reward counters in the UI still continues, Why keeps reseting ? its annoying to say the least. Why don’t you keep it simple, once whatever number is there , leave alone !. not only confusion but it gives the idea of one’s browser being compromised.