My bat balance doesn’t increase as user

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I use Windows Brave software browser since 3 weeks (my first month is august) 71 advertising and only 4 BAT in my balance. MY BAT BALANCE DOESN’T INCREASE AS USER :face_with_thermometer: MAYDAY

@zetkin next payout is Sept 5th, like shown on your screenshot.

SO not matter the time I spend on Brave, the balance will not increase until 5 SEPTEMBER?

@zetkin more or less, yes. As you can see, your estimate BAT earned from Brave Ads is, so far, 4.5 BAT. BAT that you earned for this month (1st-31th) will be deposited to your brave://rewards wallet around 5th, every month, US time zone.

The balance one week ago was 4 BAT. I use it every day for minimum more than 5 hours per day.

@zetkin stay calm and watch if your balance doesn’t change by at most 6th of September. Okay?


:ok_hand: Thank you for your response

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Hello back Brave Community,
@Dgenies @eljuno
After 1 month of use, today Brave put on my personal balance 8.7 BAT (won with the ads) I saw More than 150 ads. I use it every day for 1 month 4h minimun per day. I think BAT accounting on my brave is not good, not count well.
Look at my Estimated pending rewards
just for today.

Everything looks fine to me – I’d read through the following thread to make sure you have a strong understanding of the Rewards flow and process:

You have not even taken the time to read the complete discussion “My bat balance doesn’t increase as user” and you allow yourself to say “Everything looks fine”:man_facepalming: Anywway.

@Mattches : PLEASE take your time to fully read this :point_down:

I created a Brave Wallet recovery August 9 September but I started to use Brave software between 1 and 4th september

As you can see I use it for a while


Wednesday August 21, 4.50 BAT (71 ADS)

Thurday August 29, 136 ADS

More than 25 days using Brave software and only 136 Ads received the 29th while i’m navigating minimum 5 hours per day?
I put 5 Ads max per hours and yet there are times I receive 1 ad per hour (even some hours no ads).

Yestaday. In one day 0.46 (48 Ads)

Like I said previously to @eljuno and before @Dgenies stepped in (Thank for having noticed the issue :+1::+1:t6:), there’s an issue because I use brave software for one month (Every Day!).
If in one day I can see 48 ads, do the math for One month. It means that just in 7 days, aproximatively, I have seen more than 300 ads per weeks while navigating.

It shows that “Ad notifications received this month” section and Basic Attention Token earned through advertising accounting is random. :woozy_face:

@zetkin if the ad counter resets to zero 0 at the end of the month so the 48 ads you claim to have seen can’t be in one day because brave has a daily ad limit per device and I think it is 20ads per day per device.

  1. ads are counted from 1th day to the last day of the month
  2. ads are paid out 5th of every month due to timezone differences 6th for some regions.
  3. 20 ads daily cap
  4. only a maximum of about 560 to 620 ads monthly if the computer is in use 24/7

@zetkin – this is not the way the algorithm works. As it states in the Ads troubleshooting guide:

I set Ads to display X ads per hour - why am I not receiving X ads per hour?

Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor.

That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X , inclusive.

It’s currently not possible to see that many ads per day. But, even if it were, it does not guarantee that you will see that many ads the next day. This is what the FAQ above addresses.

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