I was not paid 2 months

why I have not been paid for the last 2 months and my uphold has been verified

Same with me. A few days ago it said, I‘ll get paid on the 5th July. Yesterday it changed to 5th August. Perhaps I will still get it today? (in that case, there is a bug with this information) But I guess I won‘t.

Hi @Loloxima, just to double check, you are referring to payments for your publisher channel? Can you DM the details about your channel (site, youtube channel, etc)?

@leon0402 sounds like you are talking about the BAT rewards from seeing ads. This “next payment” display automatically updates based on when it knows the ads have been confirmed to be rewarded by the server. Can you share if there’s an amount under “estimated pending rewards”?

You may also want to read about the recent changes made to the Ads payout display/text:

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Buena, Saludos yo llevo dos meses con 9 equipos confirmados (osea referidos), y brave no me pagos mis bat correspondientes según lo establecido por la compañia brave te paga bat equivalentes a 5$ por invitar a gente a que use el navegador brave por 30 Días seguidos, pero a mi no me ha pagado completo solo me dieron 23Bat de por nueve referidos esos 23 bat solo equivale a 6$.
Sin alguien sabe como solucionar se lo agradeciera. Ya que este texto llevo escribiendole 2 meses en la comunidad y nadie me ayuda tambien le he pasado correos a soporte brave y hacen caso miso.

Hi @jsecretan yeah I was talking about the BAT rewards, is that something different than Brave Rewards?
Yes there is still a amount under “estimated pending rewards”, it just continued counting. So I haven’t lost any bats.
But what I expected: On the 5th July, “estimated pending rewards” is reseted to zero and I get those bats into my wallet. This didn’t happen, instead the display “Next payment date” was just updated to “5th August” (but already on the 3rd July or something like that … before it was “5th July”). So to me it seems like the payout date was just skipped. It’s not very important to me as long as the bats (it’s not much anyway) is still there and I get it next month, I just thought it could be a bug.

I just have to say that I love using your browser, Brave; it feels so much more secure, efficient, and promising; it also feels like I’m not being taken advantage of due to your amazing BAT reward structure!

Withal, I have to admit that I am experiencing the exact same exact situation: last month (the post-BAT reward payout cycle for July 5th, 2019) I had accumulated over 2.5 BAT worth of opt-in Brave Rewards Advertisements, that I personally viewed and browsed through, and then none of those BATs made it into my wallet after the 5th. I’ve still yet to receive any BAT reward payments and my account shows 0.00 balance in it ;(

I’d appreciate it, immensely, if you would please take the time to look into it, check the blockchain for the transactions, and correct the misunderstandings. Thank you guys for all your hard work; I look forward to many years of utilizing this wonderful platform!

Some other weird behaviour happened today.
Some information: I use brave on my mac book and my Linux machine (different versions at the moment). They share the same wallet (the one of my macbook, which I had earlier) and they are not synced.
Saturday: 0.95 bat on my mac book for “estimated pending rewards” and (I think) less bat on my linux machine (perhaps 0.05) for estimated pending rewards

Today my mac book’s “estimated pending rewards” resetted to zero, whereas my linux machine’s “estimated pending rewards” shows 1.05Bat now. After restarting brave on both, it’s
mac book: 1 bat (20 ads) linux machine: 1.05 bat (21 ads)

This is not very logical. In the most likely case, both “estimated pending rewards” should be independent from each other, whereas the wallet is shared. Or the estimated pending rewards is shared too, then it should be the same number. How should it be?
The previous problem with not being paid out still exists.

@jsecretan what I mean is the payment of my publisher account sir
My publisher account has not been paid to uphold for 2 months sir
not my channel that isn’t paid sir

Hi @leon0402 so yes, this may be expected behavior. To preserve your privacy, the browser sometimes confirms the amount owed to the server up to a week or so after you have seen the actual ads. So there are cases where even though you saw ads in one month, you will get rewarded for them in the next cycle. The important part as you mentioned is that the “estimated pending rewards” is still correct. If you would like to DM me the info in your brave://rewards-internals I can double check.

And for the problem with shared wallets, this is actually related to what I mentioned previously of how the browser syncs “payment receipts” to the server (read what @Mattches posted for more info). In this case, each of the browsers has “payment receipts” that the other is unaware of so they show different answers. We realize this is confusing, but rest assured that all that BAT that is owed to you is still being tracked. Please let me know if you still don’t see any ad rewards to claim on August 5th.

@KryptoTradr sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. Would you mind DM’ing what is in your brave://rewards-internals and I can look at your account? Also, would you mind trying to restart your browser to see if that updates your account display?

@jsecretan Okay it’s good that it should be like that. Perhaps as an idea: Put a little note somewhere in the wallet ui telling us that due to security processes we might get rewarded the next month
Perhaps the browser should not sync the estimated pending reward? So each brave instance counts independently, but only the wallet (so paid out bats) are shared? Because the way it is now, it’s confusing

And @leon0402 good idea on the suggested note, we are continuing to try and improve the clarity of this display.

Please read my replay

same here not sure whats the problem

Hi @Loloximan, can you DM me a way to look up your account and I can tell you more?

@jsecretan I already have your DM but there is no reply

Sorry about that @Loloximan just saw it, I’ll reply directly.