Rewards not transferred completely

Today rewards were transfered to my wallet on brave browser but there are still rewards left to be tranferred to my wallet. I am attaching screenshots from my browser with this…

Hi @Amal_Glis - payments are currently still processing.

No. I figured out that the payments are based on a specific date: 1st to 30-31th of the month. So, after 1st day of the month, it will be accumulated for the next payment.

I dont think so. If that was the case then i would have only 3.9BAT for the 78 ads received this month but I have 4.4BAT as my pending rewards.

For “this month”, you mean August? Since 1st August the countdown resets and you start from 0 ads. As for the simple math of 1 ad equals 0.050, it may vary… Some AD’s worth is higher. I’ve been tracking the movements because some days ago 4 estimated(accumulated but not paid yet) BATs disappeared from my browser, so I can relate that what I’m saying it’s partially true. I only use 3 brave versions and it happened in all my wallets.
The payments are from 1st day month to the last day month.

But 78 bats is equal to 1.9 BAT only if you get 0.050 BAT per ad received.

You only get paid for BAT earned in previous month and rewards estimation is showing balance from previous month > today @Amal_Glis. Also :point_down:

BAT you earned per ad is vary depends on the ad value itself.

This was the first time I was receiving bat rewards, so I had many doubts. Thanks to everyone for helping me with my doubts. The brave support team was also helpful by responding to my queries immediately.

I also had this problem. I received my brave rewards on 6th of august but if I go to my ads section it still shows I have over 30 pending BAT tokens.

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