Estimated to receive over 10 BAT this month from ads, only got 4.4 BAT

I was estimated to receive over 10 BAT this month from ads, but i only received 4.4 BAT from ads. I understand its supposed to be an estimate but the estimate was not even close to what i actually got…

It also shows that I’ve seen over 52 ads this month already (oct 5 payday) which i know for a fact is incorrect… they carried over from the last “month” (sep 5 payday)


I got about half the estimated BAT, too. Hopefully they will do better next month.

@ztickman @cheezy_poof see An update to our Brave Rewards UI and a brief explainer on Ads BAT flow


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i appreciate it @eljuno

Ya’ll are lucky you even got something from the rewards system. While I’m stuck in the Philippines, Ads are not yet available in this region. So it pretty much sucks for me.

@wolveren me too, i’m from the philippines, i can only get bat via referrals

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