Notice : An update on Brave Rewards UI


“Thanks for using Brave Rewards! At the end of every month, we have a claim process to make sure you are sent BAT for enabling Ads.

It has come to our attention that due to a timing difference our UI made some of you anxious that BAT were taken away. We want to assure you that this was not the case as the bug only affects the browser-side display of estimated value, not the real earnings you will receive. Any value that was deducted will appear automatically next cycle as part of next month’s claim process - and we’re fixing our UI accordingly.

As a gesture of good faith, we’re sending each of the people who enabled Ads prior to now a 5 BAT grant as a thank you and to ease any concerns you may have.

Please be sure to look for the red alert badge on the Brave Rewards icon, and follow the claim process as you have for prior grants.
Thanks again and certainly reach out if you have any questions!”

Brave Rewards Disappear on Payout date
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hi alex i used brave from march 11 2019 but still i dont get any bat and im also a verified publisher my channel frm youtube didnt get any 15 bat monthly as a reward from being verified publisher



My friends tipped total 489 BAT tokens to my YouTube Channel. But I did not receive all BAT tokens which are tipped. I received only 57 BAT tokens so far. So, I would like to know that why it is not transferring? Is it normal? How can I receive my other BAT tokens?


the same happened to me!!

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Same here, should we request somewhere recalculate or just wait? My account is registered on the same email under my domain as this account is.


and what did you do? @ehsansadeghi

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nothing that I could do! I read in some forums that in future updates this issue will be solved! but several times some friends have tipped me 10 BATs and I have received 6-7 BATs

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Hi Alex,

i tipped my friend 20 bat from his youtube channel but his account never been received his tip, any answer about this, and my brave account says, peding payout, its almost 3 days now, why??

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My friends tipped total 57 BAT tokens to my YouTube Channel. I received only 28.50 BAT tokens so far. And still pending.

Also tokens that in my browser still waiting, we passed 5th day of the month.


For everyone posting here – this thread is referencing a specific issue surrounding Brave Ads. For those of you who are asking about why you’ve only received a partial tip or payout, please be sure to search the forum first as someone else may already have asked it.


Received the 5 BAT credit in my wallet. Thanks!


hit claim and it says already claimed but nothing in my wallet!!

Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hi Alex. Thanks for the extra 5 BAT.

I thought that was the May 5 deposit so I guess I’m still waiting for that.

Thanks again.


how do you know they tipped you that specific amount of BAT?


Hi. I have my brave ads on and use brave browser. Any suggestions on how to start recieving ads?


Hi. I have ads enabled. Ive yet to see one ad! Any suggestions? Ive used brave browser all april and part of march.

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I’m noticing a lot of people straying from the thread topic and so I’m going to close it for now.

For the folks asking about suspension status as a publisher, please refer to Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

For folks trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of how X BAT does not equal Y BAT, we honestly need to break it into specific, separate threads to cover those scenarios. Chances are someone else has already asked, so please use the search function.
We should be able to talk through it in a generic sense, but for folks wanting the specific details for THEIR specific properties, it may be best to wait a bit as our backend systems are busy (there are A LOT of you).

We should be just about wrapped up with payouts for this month, so no more ‘Pending payout’ messages should be active.

Your feedback has been really enlightening about where we need to do more documentation & education. I’m truly grateful for your patience and understanding as we build this system together.

Thank you!