Brave Rewards Payment Glitches?

I verified my Brave wallet in October 2019. After November 5 2019 I noticed I did not have the option to claim my rewards for the month of October. Today on November 6 I receive an email from Uphold telling me that an Uphold user sent me BAT. This amount coincidentally is almost as much as the total BAT I had in my Brave Browser Wallet during October 2019. When the email was sent my total holding shown on my Brave Browser wallet was equal to almost double what it was the previous month. About an hour later my Brave Browser wallet shows a total amount of BAT which it had in October 2019 without me moving any BAT.

Does anyone know why I saw this kind of apparent movement of BAT from my Brave Browser wallet? I did not actively claim any BAT on my wallet yet this month. My browser does not seem to give me that option yet even though it is past November 5. I thought maybe after you verify your wallet rewards are sent automatically. I also cannot see a list of rewards sent from the previous months on Brave right now. Could this all be a general issue with the Brave Browser at the moment?

Thanks for reaching out.
From what I can tell, everything you’re seeing is expected. Once you verify you wallet, it’s essentially linked to your Uphold account so you will not have to manually claim these Rewards. They’ll simply be deposited into the Brave Browser card in Uphold.

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So was the payment notification email I received today from Uphold was a notification for getting paid for the month of October 2019? The email said x amount of BAT was sent to me from an Uphold user. I thought it was strange for the amount sent to me to be very close to the amount of what my total holdings of BAT was before. Does this mean that I doubled my holdings of BAT from earnings in October 2019?

Ad earnings went out today, that’s probably what the email from Uphold was about :slight_smile:

That’s nice but what happened to the record of all earnings I earned from before the month of October 2019?

I have 21 BAT rewards on my browser. My bat earnings were not transferred to uphold yet. Is there any schedule for that or only happening with me? Help.

I didnt seem to get my earned BAT for October. It has reset now for November. I did start verifying with Uphold but decided to abort when they needed photo ID. Not sure i trust them enough. Maybe my account is stuck in limbo now. Can i get the uphold link cancelled and go back to how it was?
Can I trust uphold? Very wary about sending them scans of photo ID

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I just claimed BAT rewards today on my browser. My wallet is verified on Uphold. I apparently also received BAT on my Uphold account on November 6 last week. I thought I was not supposed to be able to claim BAT rewards directly anymore after verifying my wallet on Uphold.

Has anyone else had this happen where all of the sudden today they can now claim rewards after they verified their wallet in October 2019?

Ad and publisher payouts had a big delay this month, FYI :wink: that’s probably why you’re seeing this stuff show up now.

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