Brave Rewards - Estimated BAT randomly reduced

The pending balance of estimated BAT randomly reduced from 6.xx to 3.35.

This was after i updated brave to Version 0.66.100 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Please see this thread about changes made to the Brave Rewards UI:

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That thread has nothing to do with my question.

The pending balance Reduced from 6.xx to 3.35, I was running on previous version that already had the UI chance implemented.

They should display record of every ad received and amount paid (pending) to be able to audit and verify.

This can happen sometimes. As far as I know in almost all cases the pending reward showed the correct number again after some time.
When did this happen to you? You could try to restart the browser or even the computer to see if it goes back to normal.

From yesterday to today.

I updated yesterday, it still displayed the correct balance.

Today when reopening the laptop and checking displayed completely different.

I have already restarted brave. I’ll restart PC now and see if that clears the issue.

Although i’ve received a couple additional ads and it’s moving up from 3.25 to now 3.55.

Still displaying lower value after restarting PC.

Hello, I’m wonder it could be auto contributing?

Even my BAT is reduced by 4 BAT. And I didn’t even get “Claim” option on 6th September

It’s happening with everyone it seems.
edit: My BAT dropped to 0.000 three times.

it goes up, i view ads earn BAT (around 0.01/ per ad)
and then next day boom!! 0.000 BAT

max i earned was 0.550 (cumulative)
it falls to 0.000 the next day i check.
@steeven @Mattches

i don’t think i’m gonna stick longer if this continues.