Youtube detects 'Brave Shields' and blocking videos with warning

Youtube (at least in India) has started detecting ‘Brave Shields’ being up as adblock, and warns of playing only 3-4 videos and then stopping playback. Of course, bringing down ‘Brave Shields’ lets videos play, but with the full swathe of youtube ads being displayed. Does Brave plan to fix this or is there already some workaround s.t. we can continue to view Youtube without ads ?

@falcon74 please try to Search Before Posting. As you can imagine, this has been a hot topic and been addressed many times now. While users (I’m just a normal users who spends time helping) and Brave Support are here to help, it does get frustrating having to repeat just because people didn’t take the time to search first.

Just to give you an idea of what I mean about “many times” of having it come up:

Official topic:

My unofficial topic:

Bunch of random topics:

The list can go on…

Big thing is making sure:

  • To update brave://components

  • Make sure you’re using little to no extensions (especially if it might have an adblock capability you’re not aware of. For example, Enhancer For YouTube extension)

  • Make sure Brave is up to date

  • You may need to try to clear cookies/cache.

  • Don’t have too many Content Filters enabled.

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