You tube blocking me

Hello, YouTube is blocking me for using Brave. It will not allow me to view videos unless I pay them. Here is screen shot of the problem. This started Sunday October 29th after midnight. I am using Brave version 1.59.124 Chromium 118.0.5993.117 official build 64 bit . Please help. I’m not using anything but Brave Browser. Thank you.

Download Brave Beta and Nightly versions as well. If this issue persists in one browser, you can shift to the other. I faced this issue in Beta version and not on the stable and nightly versions.

Please see the following thread for more information:

Anyone that pays for youtube is an inbred.
Youtube fully deserves this. They 100% earned it. The ads are not only totally out of control, but so is censorship. Why would anyone with a brain pay money to be abused? Or pay money to an organization that you know sells your privacy, and donates your money to fight your own opposing political views? Hey, morons, how about removing ads completely, and remove all political censorship? That would probably get you a few paid subscribers, but still not me. You would have to go politically neutral, and stop donating my money to the enemy. Protect the first amendment, and abide by the US constitution. But no, Youtube will not. Marxism, fascism, hate, racism, and communism are way too important to them. I have NEVER posted hate-speech, in fact quite the opposite. I oppose hate-speech, and racism with all of my being, but still, I get banned for nothing more than political opinions, while they accuse me of hate-speech, for posting a reply to condemn other’s hateful or racist posts. Most of Big Tech does not support freedom. I will be donating to Brave in the future, and anyone that cares about freedom, and the excellent work they have done to fight for it, should donate something when they can. I personally have no need to Brave points, or their VPN, but I will support in other ways. I really commend them on their free open approach. They do not cripple their application, then try to extort users to unlock it, like so many companies do. Thank you Brave! At some point, people are going to abandon youtube for other platforms. It’s already happening, driven by the actual content creators, but the harder youtube pushes, the faster people will jump ship.

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Thank you, I appreciate your response :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan7, I DL’d the beta, so far so good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Fred_Leonard, Brave really is great! YouTube is behaving like a total brat!

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