Youtube isn't putting up with Brave

So Youtube is fighting back against Brave’s ability to circumvent their ads. Is there a workaround?

    • Clear the cookies & cache (important)
    • Also update brave://components Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.2043
    • Disable all extensions (malwarebytes, etc could interfere)
    • Then re-test youtube

Install Brave Beta and Nightly versions as well. If this pop up comes in one of the browsers, shift to other versions. I have been using Beta version and its been a while since I got such pop up. I use Beta and Nightly and have not got any such pop ups yet.

Just clearing the cookies/cache (to nullify the warning message which is stored in the cookies/local storage), and making sure your update to date with the latest brave://component (Brave Ad Block Updater). Should be enough.

Then force refresh of YT

This seems to be a reasonably stable solution - YouTube Anti-Adblock and Ads - October 29, 2023 (Mega Thread).


  1. Install uBlock Origin
  2. In Brave’s blocker, whitelist YouTube
  3. In uBlock’s dashboard Click Purge all caches and then Update Now
  4. Periodically check this site.

uB says the relevant script uBlock filters - Quick fixes updates every 12 hours, while YT updates several times a day. So it’s an arms race.

Also, if you’re not logged into YouTube you’re good to go - for now.

A commenter says another option is to initially allow ads and then click Share → Embed and that will play in a popup without ads.

I also use an ad-free YouTube desktop client as a last resort.

We’re using the same filters as uBO. Exactly the same. And when uBo authors push out an update, we’ll have an automatic update every 100mins.

You don’t need an extension.

Clearing Cookies, disabling all extensions besides ab and updating to latest versions doesn’t seem to work anymore.
Still getting that message!

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