YouTube Ad-blocker Notification

Today, surprisingly, YouTube started to show this message on Brave browser.

It shows me every time, when I refresh the Youtube website on Brave browser. What should I do? Will they ban my Google/YouTube account?


Already updated to latest Brave and extensions are up-to-date as well. Still getting the message from them.

Might have to find the videos I love to watch, then launch Brave in Incognito mode and paste the URL and watch it that way.

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From what I’ve read and heard, if you keep doing it then eventually, they’ll prevent you from watching any videos on YouTube. Not sure how you can get that ability back either.

I was getting these last week and upgraded to the latest Brave and that seemed to work. Then on 10/11/2023, it started happening again. They’re definitely combating the Ad Blockers.

I wouldn’t mind the ads so much if they were to possibly put some at the beginning of the videos. But I watched a 10-minute one once without an ad blocker to see how invasive it was, and I got one other ad in the middle of it. Imagine if you’re watching a walk-through video of a game that is over an hour long, or even a video that is post live-stream. Wow.

Google/Alphabet/YouTube makes enough money as it is, and I understand why there are ads, but man. They love to shove them in there as much as possible which I find abhorrent and just plain greedy.


I got the message once today, but overall I’m not too worried since the updated components the normal brave version seems to be entirely blocking ads otherwise. Banning an account is one user your kicking out which isn’t a good look. I honestly didn’t mind ads that much until they started doing double ads a few years ago and that drove me over the edge and I actively refuse to watch ads in all forms.


Youtube is almost unwatchable thanks to the ads every two minutes. Maybe its time we all venture back outdoors and log off. :thinking: The entire internet has run its course. The days of a fun free space for people to communicate is over. Corporate internet is now the only future. :money_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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