YouTube Videos Blocked on Brave

I’ve been using Brave for almost 2 years on my laptop with no issue playing YouTube videos. About 3 days ago, YouTube has blocked playing videos in Brave. Videos do play in a couple of other browsers. I’ve disabled the Shield and ad blocking but videos still won’t play. Brave is my default browser. Version 1.59.20. How can this be corrected?

Same issue here
Version 1.59.120 Chromium: 118.0.5993.88 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

New information, it work in private navigation
(but it’s not really a solution since you are not connect to your youtube account that way)

And did you clear Youtube data? and try again to log in or get in your account and watch videos?
I mean, it is not Brave’s fault Youtube is being too annoying with the anti-adblocking stuff, and you want to use their services logged and still watch without ads, so they are pretty much manipulating anything they want.
Of course, I doubt their blockage will be ever server side for too many false positives and legal stuff and all that, not eveything they will detect is an adblocker to block you server side, but they can use local stuff to scare the non-tech person.

So remove Youtube data and try again, that’s what uBlock filter maintainers are doing, because unlogged people don’t matter much, but the important part is defeat the anti-adblocking mechanism for logged people until it is impossible to do like in Twitch.

I found what was my issue, it was the extension Enhancer for Youtube witch has an ad blocker too

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