Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Just install the latest version on a Windows 10 machine.

Expected result:
I expect to get ad notifications… but nothing after running 10 days non-stop

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.3.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87

Additional Information:
Please explain in detail how to install

New version out 1.3.118

Still not getting any ads at the moment, just got a notification to your reply so they’re working.

Is it better or worse?
Is there anything else to do except from installing it in order the ad notificstions to appear?

I had problems for 9 days with no ads, I changed browser default to another made sure notifications in windows was all correct and changed back…worked but now I’m not getting ads between 6am ish and 6pm ish.

Between times? Maybe this has to do with the windows settings…
Settings > System > Focus Assist?

Does Brave show up in the app list of ‘get notifications from these apps’ in Settings > System > Notifications & actions?

After a while it does.

After a while LOL. I don’t like software that lives its own life. I like accurency, always same behaviour

I know what ya mean lol we are talking windows

I’m having the same issue. It does not show up in my Notifications & actions list. I even installed Chrome to see if it would show up…nope. It must be something with Windows. It works fine on my other PC…same settings. Help!

what is that other pc?

Same problem with windows 10, cant get Brave to show up on “Get Notifications from these Senders”

Set Brave as default
Reinstalled Brave

Any advice?

I tried exactly the same things as you and yes without success

For anyone encountering this issue – especially if the browser isn’t showing up in the list of apps available to receive notifications from, can you try the solution I gave to another user with the same issue?

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Thank you for the quick answer but no, this is not my problem as the shortcut is present in that folder

I have the exact same problem as Br4v31 who replied to you - no notifications but the shortcut is present. (and I tried reinstalling, with no luck)

Both PCs are Dell running on Windows 10

@Mattches ,
Thank you, but I’ve tried this already…the shortcut is in that directory but still not showing up in Notifications & actions list.

Would anyone here be willing to hop on a short conference call with myself and a fellow employee (@sampson) to see if we can dig a bit further into this issue and find out the root cause?

Also having this issue since upgrading PC’s. Was getting ads on previous Win10 PC and still getting ads on my basement Win10 PC. Have tried all above fixes to no avail. Hope there’s a working fix soon!