Brave Notifications problem (not ADRESSED before)

I starting having a problem today in which Brave doesnt show up anymore in windows 10 notification center. Im now receiving ads but as if windows 8 (image attached) If someone could please help me get Brave back to the notification center i would be very grateful.
PD: I already tried bennish notification method, and although i receive the notification, brave still doesn’t show up. Thanks!
I’ll be updating this with more info.

they look like that ATM.


they used to look like this.

This started happening just after I went to properties and selected this option for Brave to be executed maximized.

@tmancey @steeven @Mattches maybe u heard this before?

Apologies but I’m not entirely sure what the issue here is? The ads you’re showing in your screenshot seem to appear the way they should.

Hey! thank u for answering. Ads are not showing at the notification center, and brave is not showing at the windows 10 notification panel…

I used to receive them Like this, and they showed up in the notification center.

Can you please double check the Windows Notifications & Actions setting and ensure that Brave is allowed to send notifications?

Brave doesn’t even appear as an option… that is my problem. It used to, before this happened…

@Mattches I have just fixed it by adding Brave shortcut into:

C:\ ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs directory.

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I came here to suggest just that – great work! Glad to hear that did the trick.

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