I reinstall and not run

I have already made it work. I have gone to my profile at and in notifications I have checked the box.

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Can also go to to force the first notification. This DID allow Brave to show up under the notifications setting… hoping to receive an ad soon!

Update: ads are working again!


The Catalog is populated but no notification of ads . What to do …
Windows 10 anyone feeling the same problem

Hi Anyone online now??

I am but I have the same problem and so I can’t help you.

What about


value …What value should we set

same issue here… haven’t got an ad notification in the past 3 weeks.

It doesn’t work on Windows 10, reinstall many times

Same here, using Brave now since 1 week on windows.
Never saw one ad notification.
Brave doesn’t showing in the notification & actions tab in windows settings…

Windows Pro x64 1909
Brave Version 1.3.118

Now it works.

After using this Site,
i see the Brave icon in Windows Settings/System/Notifications & Actions.
After this the ad notifications working.

@HunterS The brave community link worked for me. Getting notifications now! Thanks!

What notifications do you mean? ad notifications?

but i have to do this steps every time when i restart my pc. Authorize with the bennish site, brave notifications in windows settings -> off and on again… then it works…
I hope i’m not the only one with this problem.

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