No Brave ad notifications Windows 10 possible fix

I’ve had a lot of issues getting Brave to show ads on a Windows 10 Fusion tablet - worked first time on my desktop which is why it was so frustrating! Today I finally managed to get it to go. Not sure if this will work for others but it did work for me.
Brave was not showing up in Windows 10 notifications settings as an app to select.
I’d tried uninstalling and reinstalling brave.
I’d tried turning Brave rewards off and on.
I’d done a sfc/scannow at command prompt in case it was windows.
Non of these worked for me but may be the first port of call for you. Who knows they could have helped me in the long run.
I then tried this suggestion from BatShareCrazy over on Reddit - original post here:
It suggested going to the following to test notifications:

Simply click the Authorize button (you can disable this later if you want from the Brave website notification settings)
Then click on the Show button
You should get a pop up asking if you want to allow notifications from the site - click on allow.
This should now pop up a notification within Windows 10.

Once I did this I started to receive notifications from ads through the Brave browser and Brave appeared in my Notification apps to select.

I think by allowing the notification from the bennish site it may have just helped to kick start the ads and add the notification settings into Windows 10.

This was done on the latest version of Windows 10 as of 1/3/2020 (UK date format) and on the latest version of Brave - 1.4.95

Hope this helps - all credit to the original poster on Reddit - thought I would share it here as it has been annoying me for a few days now!

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