Fix on windows Brave ads not showing up in windows notification settings!

I Had re downloaded Brave on a fresh install of windows but was no longer getting ads poping up at the bottom corer of windows like i was before i reinstalled windows. I also did as everyone did by checking in notifications settings on windows and Brave was not showing up in “get notifications from these senders” yes all setting in actual brave had all ads checked and setting were all correct. but i have a fix to have brave pop up in windows notifications then you will always get your ads like normal and your BAT will be all normal again.

This link will take you to a page which will send you an example notification to your windows which will then for some reason make brave pop up in your notifications in windows. To use the link click on the authorize button then click on either show, or show in 5 seconds. both will make a notification show up UNLESS you have an actual setting in windows to not get notifications some how. if not you should have gotten a notification at the bottom right. Also if you now check in your notification settings of windows, now brave is showing up and you should be be getting ads poping up soon after (depending on how many ads you have brave to to show). hope this helps out. Myself and my friend had this problem and this was the fix for both of us.
Please see the original post and user who suggested using that link to fix this windows notification problem here: Brave doesn't show in Windows 10 notification settings Credit goes to user: Medjan for the suggestion. it helped me!