Why not a Menu Bar?

I forgot, goodbye Brave browser, when you put the menu bar back , I will take another look at you. Now to uninstall and give a review of your browser on other websites.

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Hi mate, unsure what you mean about yellow circle, but there is NO File, Edit, View etc (Menu Bar) in Brave anymore.

There used to be on the original version, but now they switched to a Chrome based version. As Chrome has no menu bar (as Google are all about mobile / tablet browsing experiences nowadays) neither does Brave.

I agree this is retarded and an objectively shittier desktop experience. Once again all these issues would be resolved if they simply programmed a menu bar (at least for the Desktop version), set it off by default, but optional to enable it if wanted.

The closest I’ve been able to get so far is this:
(Add all your Bookmarks to a folder, place this on your Bookmarks Bar).

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I am in favor of menu bar. Thank you.

+1, i agree this! :+1:!

Been using Brave a couple of months now and like others, the bookmarks menu and the lack of a menu bar just pisses me off to no end. I am going back to Firefox and will leave brave on my computer hoping more clear headed thinkers will emerge to fix this mess.

I just started using Brave to see if I would switch from my old Firefox and am very disappointed in the lack of a menu bar, making it so much slower to access bookmarks among others. Unless this option is added, I will either stay with Firefox or go to another browser, bummer since I had a good first impression of Brave.

Add another who would very much prefer a “normal” menu bar over the little hamburger menu. Maybe I am showing my age but I’m coming to Brave from Firefox and it’s the first thing I looked for and thus ended up here in my quest for information.

If a top menu is off the table, even the option to move the hamburger menu would be helpful because the top right is just not where I look for anything in windows.


I’m close to your perspective. I’m extremely frustrated with having no menu (& tree) & no keyboard shorcuts to use it and vexed that sophisticated users aren’t impelling support of complete keyboard navigation support. I want very much to stick with Brave, but if I can’t use a third party app to get shortcuts (I have a list of 70, but being able to tap “ALT” for menus to appear & be usable is SO superior I’m constantly brought to a snail’s pace with it). I applied a “Proper menu” extension to Brave, but it requires the mouse for use, so it’s probably worse than useless (though I appreciate the effort of developing it). I was disappointed at someone claiming to be a “professional”(I thought in the IT business) and preferring to use a mouse, but the overall tone was so angry, there appeared to be something else going on. I can’t but think the individual uses applications that do not have robust keyboard navigation choices (which is, of course, extremely common now). I have little doubt that part of the industry impetus in dropping keyboard navigation is to increase the average user’s reliance on computer workers, since there is now no longer a market-driven need to attract users to computer-supported communication tasks with a GUI. From approximately 30 years of computer use as an attorney & experience with tech support in that time, I’ve had support technicians confess that I move around my computer far faster than they do because I know the keyboard interface in various applications. I’ve never heard my computer scientist brother (who taught scientists around the world to optimize their computer networking) suggest he prefers using a MOUSE, even though he has gone to also using micro computers. There are clearly some uses of a mouse that are necessary & some that are superior, but they are very few & far between in my experience. I’d estimate that 99% of non-tech micro computer users I know are both keyboard interface illiterate and generally application-use-challenged – their applications are far more powerful than they realize, and, until recently, their ability to exploit the power is obstructed by their ignorance(not stupidity) of keyboard access. I’ll admit that most of the folks I interact with are either average lay people in white collar and blue collar jobs. Legal support staff are much more sophisticated (probably even than I), but lawyers my age and older are, as a rule, computer ignoramuses. I myself am, relative to the vast majority of people posting here, a computer ignoramus. I create batch files for command prompt work, scripting files, and my own laboriously created VBA procedures in the MS suite environment. My most useful, but rarely used, cross-application tool is AutoHotKey. I’m far above average for the average micro computer user but far below average compared to users on this site and anyone at all who knows how to use their smartphone. I’ve never taken an IT or programming course. As a final note, I don’t even see how to send this AT A GLANCE, but if I hover over the “Reply” icon, it says “Control+Enter” works. Nice to know, but wouldn’t it have been nice to keep my hand on the keyboard, tap ALT, and see that pop up for me in about 1/10th the time of finding my mouse & getting it over the button to click? “Yes.”

I’m conflicted too. The browser has its merits but it’s about time the feature set was broadened. I came via Vivaldi so miss things like tab stacking, repositioning of the bookmark bar (stuck at the top with no scrolling) and syncing (there one minute and gone the next!)

a lot of words there but still i would like to know more testing ctrl+enter

This at least would make access and organization of bookmarks way better Favorite icon in toolbar like Edge Please up-vote if you agree.


Yes Brave is great, but would be alot better with a menu bar, and being able to customize menu bar or a few extra toolbars, like a status bar on the bottom which you can customize.

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