Why not a Menu Bar?

I agree with these replies for a menu bar BUT…have a settings button to toggle either the hamburger menu button or a full menu bar not just a bar…we need options…ty.

I agree it can take me so long to get to my bookmarks or my pins which has led me to go all the way to a new page just so I can click my recents.

Why not both? :slight_smile:

Also @ChiefZach. I implemented a suggestion from this thread, which helps a LOT. Create a folder called “Bookmarks”, then drop it on your bookmarks bar. Then put ALL your bookmarks in this (subfoldered if desired).

Quick and easy access to them then.

Would still love a proper menu bar, for the other options though.


@BobT36 ya I’ve done that too it’s just so much work :slight_smile:

It could be a configurable option. Because the truth is that most functions of the menu bar, I access through keyboard shortcuts. And if it’s because of the bookmarks, I prefer to use functionalities like https://workona.com

Just jumping in to say menu bar yes! I am trying to convert from Firefox and may have to go back due to this and a couple more issues.

Thanks very much for everything

You sure you got the right thread, m8?