Favorite icon in the toolbar like Edge

A favorites icon in the toolbar, i.e. like Edge would be a big plus for users who don’t care for the bookmarks bar and prefer a clean browser window.

Brave bookmark management is currently too “Chrome-like” and requires an extra click. A “favorites” icon on the toolbar requires only 1 click to see a simple drop-down or fly-out menu with all of the user’s favorites and folders. This is a no-brainer to me.

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Agreed! Nice feature on Chromium Edge.


Hello Brave Support! Has there been any movement on this simple feature request? :thinking:

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I absolutely agree. This is one of the things I use frequently.

My favorite implementation of this is with Firefox currently. The new Chromium Edge browser did something very similar as well.


Chromium Edge:

I understand that Brave just finally fixed their “Other Bookmarks” button on the right. But I would like to be able to hide the bookmarks bar altogether and just have a bookmarks button on the right side of the navigation bar next to the menu icon.

Would really love to see this addition to Brave.