BAT Pooling to Incentivize Development of Brave Feature Requests

Hello Brave Feature Requests subscribers,

This idea is more of a Brave Community idea than a Brave Browser idea but does involve BAT as well. Basically the feature request would allow Brave Community subscribers, who are also Brave Browser users, to “like” any particular Brave Feature Request items by submitting BAT into a pool of BAT to incentivize the development of a specific idea and thereby allowing Brave users to literally invest BAT tokens towards the development of any particular Brave Feature Request while granting some incentive for Brave developers to work towards any incentivized goals that also are a reflection of the most genuine desired interests of Brave Browser users. The BAT pool would of course be established such as to allow the Brave developers working towards a specific goal to be rewarded with the BAT from that BAT pool. A cycle such as this might even drive further growth of the Brave community of Brave users as users are able to more effectively express to Brave developers their most genuine interests in a some what prioritized fashion. Not to get to Ozzy Ozbourne here but let us Brave Users put our BAT where are mouth is… If you like the idea, please love (heart) this comment and anyone can feel welcome to message me anytime as well. Go Brave!


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